Monday, June 29, 2009

Rutgers Computer Software Store

Discounted and free software for Rutgers students, staff, and faculty:


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Linux General
Linux at Wikipedia (comprehensive introduction and gateway)
The Linux Documentation Project
Linux Online

Linux Distributions

Fedora and Red Hat

Linux at Rutgers

Linux for Engineeering and IT Applications (course offered each Spring by Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

Linux Software for Mathematical Finance

Eclipse (Integrated Development Environment for C, C++, Java, ...)
Emacs (GNU text editor)
Gcc (GNU C/C++ compiler)
Gsl (GNU Scientific Library)
KDevelop (Integrated Development Environment for C/C++)
Kile (Integrated Development Environment for LaTeX)
Octave (Open source equivalent to MATLAB)
Python (Programming language for numerical computing)
QuantLib (Open source library for financial engineering)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Web Software

Drupal open source web content management system
Joomla open source web content management system
Wordpress open source web content management system

Survey Monkey web survey system

Web Calculators and Financial Data

American Option Exchange
Chicago Board Option Exchange
Options Industry Council vanilla option calculator

Saturday, November 8, 2008


A Beginner's C++
About C/C++
C++ Computational Physics at Ohio State University
C++ Language Tutorial
C++ and Object Oriented Numeric Computing for Scientists and Engineers, C++ source code for text by Daoqi Yang, Springer, 2001
C/C++ Programming Reference
C++ Reference
C++ Standard Library - Tutorial and Reference: Examples (Nicolai Josuttis)
C++ Programs for use in Finance (Bernt Odegaard)
Codepedia C++ Programming Tutorial
Guillaume Caumon's Course on C++
John Burkhardt's library of C++ (and C, MATLAB, Python, other) programs open source C++ (and other) programs
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Rutgers affiliate download
Microsoft Visual C++ free download
Olivier Pironneau's C++ for numerical computing web course
Simple C Programs for Finance (Paul Feehan)
University of Strathclyde C Programming book
Wikipedia C
Wikipedia C++
Wikipedia External Links (web tutorials, ebooks)

Document Preparation

The teTeX package and Emacs editor are recommended for Linux systems, such as Fedora, the MikTeX package and WinEdt editor are recommended for Windows, and the OzTeX package is recommended for Mac. Many guides to LaTeX document preparation and samples are available:

AMS TeX Resources
LaTeX Project free download (Windows/Mac/Linux) for Microsoft Office compatible software suite.
University of Cambridge - Engineering Department
University of Oxford - Mathematical Institute
Wikipedia LaTeX Guide

Excel and Visual Basic


Anthony's Excel VBA (Macros) Tutorial
Anthony's Excel VBA (Macros) Tutorial
Excel Business Tool's Excel Links
Robert McDonald's An introduction to VBA in Excel
Utah State University VBA and Excel
Vertex42 Excel VBA Portal

Charts and Graphs's What is the Excel Chart Wizard?
Internet4Classroom's Creating a Chart or Graph
Microsoft's How to use the Chart Wizard in Excel
University of Texas at Austin's Microsoft Excel Chart Guide